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“Masks slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, but also help to protect the people wearing them,” Zink said. “COVID is new and we are still learning a lot about the long-term health impacts, even in young athletes. A mask can help protect their long-term health as well.”
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"Andy has been really supportive and he has been good about trying to watch his show or trying to read while my sewing machine is going. It is not the quietest thing. He has been great about that," she said.

When the NHL announced it’s Return to Play Plan on May 26, 2020, many cast doubt on their ability to pull it off and questioned their decision to proceed with the season.

For Weatherby, the demonstration continues a family tradition of standing up against racial injustice. His grandmother Ann Macrory was a civil rights lawyer who participated in the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965. His grandfather Ralph Temple was also a civil rights lawyer and a member of the NAACP Board of Directors. Weatherby's brother Kevin, who is Black, was adopted at age 8 from Costa Rica. Miami Dolphins for NHL Face Masks

During a statewide meeting this Monday, doctors from the Alaska and Anchorage health departments strengthened their guidance for wearing masks given rising COVID-19 cases and a move to indoor sports. Doctors recommend that all youth athletes wear masks when they’re playing or competing — even when that activity is vigorous.

The brothers discussed where Marc might sign during his recent free-agency period. Tennessee Titans for NHL Face Masks

“Until I hear a better reason on that, then I’ll listen. We know we have to do this to give us a chance. No one knows what’s going on with this (virus), but we’re being told if you wear this it gives you a better chance not get it or give it to other people. So that’s the message. I mean, it’s plain and simple.”

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